"I’ve met so many people through Nexus, and people are recognizing the good our organization is doing for the sport every day by giving our generation a way to get involved. Nexus is constantly offering both professional networking opportunities and social opportunities for all members to enjoy."

Join Nexus Racing Club

Be a part of America's only horse racing club dedicated to promoting youth involvement in the sport with unique networking opportunities and exclusive access to the sport. Due to COVID-19, Nexus membership fees are waived until June 2021.

Member Macy Rowan
Member Networking

Connect with over 70 members with the same passion for the horse racing industry.

Private Events

Nexus hosts private events such as: farm tours, race days, conference calls with industry leaders, networking events and more.

Exclusive Access

Backside visits to meet Nexus horses and trainers, race day perks including paddock access and potential winners circle access.

Networking Opportunities

Network with industry professionals at Nexus Events, conference calls and other opportunities the club provides.

Common questions:

Who can join?

Young people interested in horse racing! The concept of Nexus Racing Club is to connect the younger generation to thoroughbred racing. We are using the age range of 18-30 as a guideline.

How much is the membership fee?

There is a one-time membership fee for a first time signee of $100. 

What if I want to renew my membership?

On June 1, all memberships will cease unless you renew your membership. There is a $50 renewal fee 

What is included in my membership?

All members will receive a Nexus Racing Club welcome packet, including a Nexus Racing Club hat, membership until June 1 of the next year, a priceless experience with great horses and people, as well as networking opportunities with our amazing partners. Not included are costs to attend races and social events. These costs are only incurred if you choose to attend these events.

Will I make money?

Nexus Racing Club believes that the experience of actually being involved with the horses is paramount to enjoying ownership. To keep membership fees low, we do not have any equity in club horses, meaning we do not receive any purse monies associated with these horses. 

What is the membership fee used for?

These fees are similar to any membership fee required by most clubs. These fees go towards Nexus Racing Club's operations to allow us to provide the member experience. Certain Nexus gear is also included in the membership fee.


"If you are a young fan of horse racing, there is no reason not to join Nexus! For less than the cost of a year’s Netflix subscription, you can be a part of a stable of horses with established owners and trainers and network with countless industry professionals. The race day experience is exhilarating and the founders of the club do a good job of allowing you access to scenes you would never be able to be a part of as a casual fan."

Member Michael Domabyl

 "I really like that this was a group centered toward young people interested in racing because we have the same questions and the same desire to see our horses thrive. I like that we receive weekly updates and events that allow us to grow our knowledge of what it means to be an owner and take part in this incredible industry."

Member Cheyenne Zoechling