Nexus Racing Club creates a unique partnership between established owners and young individuals that want to become more involved in the racing sport. Nexus is proud to be the only racing partnership that is promoting youth involvement in the sport. The club is led by Dare Sutton (Co-founder and Chairwoman), Samantha  Bussanich (Co-founder and President), Hannah Mathiesen (Vice President), and Mary Cage (Member Relations), who work together to perform the daily activities to keep the club functioning every day.

Nexus is assisted by Megan Jones and Alex Evers. Megan is also the founder of a syndicate and has made a huge impact on growing Nexus to what it has become. Alex is the mastermind of creativity for all graphic designs including the Nexus silks.

The club would not be complete without partnering with our owners Glen Hill Farm, West Point Thoroughbreds, Rob Masiello, LNJ Foxwoods, and Dallas Stewart.

Nexus Racing Club Co-Founers

Co-founders from left to right: Dare Sutton, Samantha Bussanich, Sophie Shore

About the Founders

Nexus Racing Club is dedicated to promoting youth involvement in thoroughbred horse racing.

The idea was born when the three co-founders, Dare Sutton, Samantha Bussanich and Sophie Shore met at Keeneland for the Fall 2016 racing meet. While watching seasoned professionals look over their horses in the paddock, they noticed the lack of young people actively participating in the day’s races. Knowing from personal experience that racing offered so much to young people, Dare had the thought of potentially owning a horse with college students who were around her age. She pitched the idea to Samantha, who bought it immediately and invited Sophie to jump on board. 

The three co-founders realized that, though they believed in their idea, they would need help executing it. They sought the help of Glen Hill Farm’s Craig Bernick, who has become instrumental in making the club a reality. He connected Nexus Racing Club with owners Jack Wolf of Starlight Racing and Jaime Roth of LNJ Foxwoods to provide an even greater depth of excellence to our club. 

Our partners have seen success in racing with high quality horses. In addition to leasing a horse with Nexus, they are great advisors to the club and want the best for the club and it's members. 

Co-founders Samantha Bussanich and Dare Sutton with Craig Bernick