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Nexus Member Spotlight: Cady Coulardot

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Cady Coulardot now resides in the Bluegrass—the perfect place for a horse-loving girl like Cady. An arts/humanities student at Jefferson Community & Technical College, her passion for racing is relatively new but certainly runs deep.

Cady’s love for racing began in 2017 when a close friend introduced her to the backside of Churchill Downs. Cady immediately fell in love with the people and horses of the famed Louisville racetrack and just months later, her family invested in their first racehorse. A passion that has now spread through her family, the Coulardots currently have three racehorses.

“We love [our racehorses] dearly,” Cady said. “They continue to teach me new things daily.”

A creative individual, Cady has combined her love for racing with her love for photography, working as a freelance photographer for Horse Racing Nation. Through this opportunity, Cady has been able to create images at some of America’s top tracks.

Along the way, Cady has continued to dive further into racehorse ownership, launching a racing syndicate called CM Thoroughbreds with her father and close friends. CM currently has a 2-year-old in training, an experience Cady is thoroughly enjoying as she watches the colt become a racehorse.

Becoming a member of Nexus has given Cady the chance to explore another avenue of the ownership experience, all while alongside other young people who share a passion for racing.

“I think Nexus is a great way to get young people involved,” Cady said. “It allows young people to be hands on and it isn't a financial struggle.”

Cady is keeping her options open as she endeavors through college, but her unyielding passion for racing has been shaping her future ever since she first set foot on the backside of Churchill Downs. As she continues to learn more about the industry, Cady is considering a career as a bloodstock agent or within the social media department at a big track.

“I love horse racing because of the people, horses and culture,” Cady said. “There's nothing like spending a morning on the backside listening to rhythmic hoofbeats and swallows singing. I love the thrills of your horse finishing first, and I love the community of people that I have met because of racing. To be honest, before racing, I was just a lost junior in high school and had no idea what I was going to do with my life after high school. Now that I'm in college, there are so many opportunities to learn and grow within the industry.”

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