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It all started with 3 young women and a dream


Nexus Racing Club Inc., a 501(c)(7) non-profit social club, was established in 2017 with the goal of engaging the younger generation, particularly ages 18-30, in horse racing.


The dream started in the paddock at Keeneland when Dare Sutton and Samantha Bussanich thought of the idea to buy a racehorse with their friends. As college students, that dream was far over their student budget. They brought in Sophie Shore and the three of them put their heads together to try and figure out a way to get college students involved with racing. After a discussion with a Lexington attorney and industry leader Craig Bernick, the idea of Nexus Racing Club was created. 

Nexus has no-equity lease agreements with established owners for young adults to get a glimpse into racehorse ownership. Besides the full access of ownership, our goal is to lower the barrier of entry into the sport.

nex·us (noun)

A connection or series of connections linking two or more things


Member Networking

We want to introduce you to all the likeminded young professionals that want to take the next step into horse racing. Between Nexus events, our Facebook group page, and social networking, you will find so many young adults that have the same passion towards the industry as you do. If you are new to the industry the club is willing to teach you as much as you aim to about the sport. 


Exclusive Access

Our goal is to provide you with the access that every other industry professional has. Backside access, private farm tours, private boxes at the track, trainer updates, conference calls, and more. The more Nexus provides, your passion and understanding of the game will grow. 


Industry Networking

There are so many young professionals with the same goals that you may have. Nexus will provide you the networking you need to connect with young adults in this game as well as current industry leaders.

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